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June 01 2012
Posted by massagesex  [ 14:13 ]
Tamra Toryn Out of Porn!

Ex Porn Star Tamra Toryn

I am VERY excited to announce that another porn star has left porn! Tamra contacted me through Myspace and we immediately connected. She wanted to come out with her story to help educate young girls before they get into porn and suffer major consequences. She also wants those viewing porn to know the truth so they will stop buying into the lie and contributing to women being abused in the industry. She is very outspoken and tells it like it is in an interview with her and I. Talk about two outspoken ex porn stars! Click here to listen to an audio of us talking boldly about the truth behind the porn industry and more!

She boldly writes on her myspace blog:

"Unlike most girls that start their xvideosporn porn careers doing just masturbation, oral or girl/ girl, I went straight for hardcore because I was quote unquote "hardcore" . Attitude check anyone? My scene was shot Gonzo (reality/amateur style) boy/girl, anal, ATM (ass to mouth)- pay $1000. Expenses and flight all paid. Sounded like a dream come true.

I arrive and a man with a sign awaits me in the baggage claim area with an Escalade limo to pick me up. We stop at Denny's to eat and meet with the director. After we meet, he takes me outside to give me a once over look of approval, we finish eating, and drive to the studio.

Nothing prepared me other than a boot camp workout, my xanax prescription for my anxiety disorder since I was nervous as heck, and a low carb diet for a month to dig up the courage to take my clothes off to do things I never thought I would share on film for the world to see. Tons of people walking around, food provided, etc etc. No STD tests were given or shown since the director assured me that since they were using condoms, I wouldn't have to worry. (Yeah right)

2 hours later, naked, medicated, sore, and wet from jumping off a boat to end the scene like they pushed me off the boat like a useless stupid whore, I received $1000 for my "hard work", praised of a "great job" I did and driven to my friend's house (since I didn't want to stay at the production's beach house with weird people on drugs I didn't know) and extended my stay to celebrate my new life as a "porn star".

This is where real life ended and the delusion of temporary existence began."

You can read the rest of her amazing story at Her profile is set to private but if you request to be her friend and mention Pink Cross she will approve you. Please be sure to leave her encouraging comments. She says many myspace friends already reached out to her and it REALLY touched her.

Tamra entered the porn industry at age 26 in 2005 and was involved in making very hardcore movies. After being tired of the abuse and catching HPV, a sexually transmitted disease, she left the porn industry in February, 2008 and now works at a tanning salon in Hollywood. Her dream is to go to Cosmetology school so we are going to do our best to help her make that dream come true. Right now she has a need for new clothes so we want to help her with immediate needs first.

If you have a heart to help Tamra rebuild her life, please donate below. We appreciate everyone who cares about these precious women who are trying to rebuild their lives. It's NOT an easy time for Tamra so we thank you for caring. She struggles with many consequences of porn and Pink Cross Foundation wants to be there for her.
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Posted by massagesex  [ 14:12 ]
Eski Porn Star Veronica Lain Hikayesi

I was born in Indiana and raised in both Indiana and Colorado. My parents got divorced when I was in the 3rd grade and my father was never really around my whole life. At the age of 14 I had lost my virginity to the boy next door while living in Indiana with my mom and step dad. The boy broke my heart so I ran away from home not too long after.

The state of Indiana took over pretty quickly and I was in and out of foster homes and children's homes etc. from age 14 until about 17 years old. My Mom was always physically and mentally ill and my step Dad was elderly and not able to take care of me. So the state became my mother and father now. I didn't really have the guidance I needed my whole teen life to make it in the adult world. I hung out with other troubled kids. Some were worse than me. I was very promiscuous all through junior high and high school thinking that it was ok to have sex with anyone I wanted any time I wanted. The boys loved me. The girls hated me. I wanted to feel loved, accepted, and needed attention. I learned at my young age that I could use my body to get things that I wanted or needed from men. At only 15 years old, I hitch-hiked to Florida from Indiana to see a boy I liked on my own and was raped by a truck driver old enough to be my father. It was a horrible situation and I thought that this was all I was good for in life. Sex. The men and boys seemed to like it and I loved the attention.

At age 17, I came to live in hardsexporn Colorado again with my mother and stepfather. As soon as I turned 18 I was out of there. No longer a ward of the state, I was free to do what I wanted and be an "adult" Thinking I was grown up, I went to Denver to live on my own. I hadn't even finished high school yet. I wanted to be in radio and TV production which never happened. I stayed in a small studio apartment with my older sister. I was introduced to parties, drugs, and worst of all, stripping. I watched my sister come home with her friend with a duffle bag full of one dollar bills. They wore sexy clothes and it looked like fun and easy money. I said, "I could do that" and I started out dancing at an all nude club downtown that would hire you if you were 18. This place was a real dive. I would then move on to doing private parties then prostitution and it all seemed the same to me.

I remember one of the worst times I had sex for money, I had a customer that wanted me to have anal sex and he forced me into it. He raped me. I went to the police and the hospital but they didn't help me because I was a prostitute. I turned to drugs to help me deal with the pain.

I continued making money and I was able to get my own place. I didn't even have to go to school. I would work, make money, party and do whatever I wanted. I thought I was having the time of my life. I forgot about school, or a regular job and my future. I never thought I would make it to the age of 30 the way I was living so I didn't care. I was sure I would be dead by then.

Someone suggested that I get into porn movies. He said he knew a guy and could get me started. After meeting with the man, he took pictures of me and I was in my first scene right away right in a hotel in Denver. My first scene I was really nervous and scared. I was also very naïve and I didn't know how the whole porn thing worked. I was booked to do a scene with a woman and I had to act like I had done that before.

When the camera started rolling I was trying to cope with having my first lesbian experience when all of the sudden, two men entered the scene who I didn't know I would be filming with. I was so traumatized that I just blocked out everything. I just checked out and became Veronica Lain, the porn star.

After the scene I really felt I had done something bad and I hated myself.

The next thing I knew, I was in Las Vegas at a porn convention signing autographs and posing with fans. I wasn't even famous but yet they made me feel like I was and it hooked me even more. I did some more movies in Las Vegas and did not sleep much at all. I wasn't even old enough to gamble. You can make a porn movie in Vegas but you can't gamble or drink. That's just wrong.

It was all so overwhelming for me so I came back to Colorado but I ended up going to the convention 2 more times again. I loved the attention and by then I was jaded and use to the whole porn world. I continued to work in Colorado doing, movies, parties, prostitution, photos. Yes Porn Stars are also prostitutes! Anything and everything that had to with sex work I did it. I learned to depend on men to take care of me. I wanted a father so much. I was young and loved the attention and money. Porn was not "glamorous" though. I definitely did some things I did not want to do. I saw girls gagged and choked on the set during filming. I was one of those girls who was gagged and choked. I also saw empty douches and enema boxes laying around. I also met women who couldn't work because of STD's. I was treated like meat and saw other women going through the same, or worse. I would stay up and party all night on drugs. I wasn't even old enough to drink.

At about 20 years old, I flew out to Los Angeles and stayed for a month and a half in Hollywood! Wow, I was a real "porn star" now. Everything seemed pretty great up until I started getting terrible abdomen pains so bad that I couldn't get out of bed. I was so sick that I went to a clinic and found out I had several bacterial infections and Chlamydia all at the same time! The medicine made me throw up and I hated it. I came back home to Colorado and decided to work at a topless bar for about 2 years to get away from porn. I also started drinking heavily. I was trying to kill the pain with alcohol and pot daily. I went back to prostitution and I turned tricks out of my apartment. I risked my life over and over and tried to quit many times. I tried to get regular jobs here and there. I wanted out so bad. But I pretty much did sex work off and on from the time I was 18 until age 32. The money was always there and I didn't know anything else.

I moved to another town and hoped to settle down and get some normalcy in my life. I lost my job and went back to prostitution. I soon met a man who became my regular customer and thought if I married him I would get out of prostitution. I wanted love and a family that I never had. I believed I would be out of the business forever after this.(yeah right) I was happy for a while until I realized that I didn't get out of the sex business, I had married it. He was a porn addict and probably seeing hookers on the side. I became very unhappy, suicidal, gained weight, became depressed, and had to get on anti-depressants and counseling. We divorced after about 2 years and I was on my own again but now I had a child to take care of too. I started getting into old habits and went back to prostitution. I still didn't know anything else but selling my body, soul and mind. I desperately wanted out but didn't know how to do it.

Today, I am at the end of that life. Thanks to the lord I am finding strength to find a way out of the sex industry. I feel so tired. I've been in a long time. I feel older than I really am. I started at 18 years old and today I am 32 going on 60.

I finally have hope because recently I have found other women like me who have suffered in the sex industry but yet have changed their lives for the better. Shelley Lubben is one of them and I recently found her myspace which really gave me hope. Please visit her myspace to learn the truth about porn and get help. My faith in God was renewed and I am on my way to being the healthy, smart, strong, mother that I was meant to be. I would rather be homeless than sell my body ever again. I am priceless. I am a human being. Not an object put here to be used by men. The sex industry has changed my life. Now that I look back, I was a young innocent child that had to take care of herself any way she could. If I could help one young girl like that with my story, I think that would be wonderful. I want to help young girls like me and keep them from going through what I went through in the sex industry. The sex industry ruined my life and I know it will take years to heal my broken heart.

I hope to inspire young girls to get an education, stay away from drugs and the sex industry and really think about their future. When do you quit the sex work? When you are 30, 50? Or maybe when it finally kills you like it has many other men and women. I want people to know the truth about the horrible sex industry. I start here, with me and my past. The sex industry got me nowhere in life but destroyed everything in my life. But I know God is bigger than the sex industry and will heal my life and use my story to hopefully inspire many.
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Posted by massagesex  [ 14:12 ]
Former Porn Star Elizabeth Rollings Story

SL: How did you get into the sex industry?

ER: I was in my first movie because adultpornomovies of an ad I answered on craigs list off the internet. I needed money and it sounded easy to do so I thought, why not? I knew it was wrong but I needed quick cash and of course it was legal, right? So I did the movie and never told anyone until months later when I decided to do it full time.

SL: Tell us about your childhood.

ER: My mom and dad divorced when I was three. My dad was a weekend dad and my mom took all of the responsibility raising us. We never had much of anything but my mom always tried to make sure that my older sister and I stayed in good schools and out of bad neighborhoods. My mom met a man when I was about 6 or 7 who whisked her off to Europe often and she would leave us with her side of the family. This went on for the next couple of years until my sister was about age 14 and I was about 11. We ended up homeless and went to live with our Godmother who was very spank happy to to say the least.

I was becoming very bitter about my mom and dad not being there even though I had accepted God in my heart at 7. When I was in 8th grade is when all the trouble began and I started noticing boys. There were a lot of gangs and gang fights and because of that I needed protection. I turned to clicks and pot heads and underage parties and smoking cigarettes and boys. I was only 13 years old.

I was in a world of trouble when I met "Candyman". Candyman was a gangster and offered me protection and a lot of attention. He took me home to meet his parents. I trusted him and thought he loved me. He tied me up and raped me. This was my first sexual experience. When he was done, he told me if I said anything I would be hurt worse by him and his friends. Gangs began to harass our family so we moved out of the neighborhood.

In high school I was into getting high and smoking cigarettes and having sex with my boy friend. Even though I was an A student, we constantly partied and had sex. At age 17 I ran away from home. My boyfriend and I were living in a friend's rat infested basement for 200 a month and soon I became pregnant. I attained my GED and traded in my hopes of becoming a nurse for becoming a mom and wife. I married my boyfriend and we had three children together.
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Posted by massagesex  [ 14:12 ]
Former Porn Star Jersey Jaxin

I’m a former XXX actress and was called “one of the smallest, youngest and cutest porn stars in the business. I’m 4’11, really short and weigh in the 90’s. I’ve starred mostly in “teen” porn, which means fans liked me because I looked “barely legal”. I left porn in September, 2007.

My life can be summed up in one word: ABUSE!

The porn industry was a shock. My first two extremeporn scenes I didn’t know what to do. I just stabilized and went along with what everyone else was doing. After that, I was like, throw me in I’m ready to go.
Tanya did 20 scenes in her first month.

My scenes involved extreme videos with very hard sex acts with several performers at the same time.

“I’m just tired of the industry. The way they treat you as though we are just a piece of meat. That we don’t have a mind and our body is everybody’s and we have no soul.”
Guys punching you in the face. You have semen from many guys all over your face, in your eyes. You get ripped. Your insides can come out of you. It’s never ending. You’re viewed as an object and not as a human with a spirit. People don’t care. People do drugs because they can’t deal with the way they are being treated.

Seventy five percent and rising are using drugs. Have to numb themselves. There are specific doctors in this industry that if you go in for a common cold they’ll give you Vicodin, Viagra, anything you want because all they care about is the money. You are a number. You’re bruised. You have black eyes. You’re ripped. You’re torn. You have your insides coming out. It’s not pretty and foofoo on set. You get hurt.

The main thing going around now is crystal meth, cocaine and heroin. You have to numb yourself to go on set. The more you work, the more you have to numb yourself. The more you become addicted, the more your personal life is nothing but drugs. Your whole life becomes nothing but porn.

I was a drinker. I drank a lot. Vodka was my drug. Vodka was my numbing toy. Before sets, after sets, and if it was a set where people didn’t care, they’d have it there waiting.

You may see a 45-minute set that took us 13 hours. We’re ripped, we’re tired, we’re sore, we’re bleeding, we’re cut up, we have dried semen all over our faces from numerous guys and we can’t wash it off because they want to take pictures. You have this stuff all over you and they’re telling you, “Hold it.” It is never straight flowing sex.

Four words girls can say are: Stop, Halt, Pain and Don’t. “You can say anything you want and they don’t’ listen”. There’s the ultimate thing where you squeeze their leg to ease up and most of them don’t care. They have another scene to go to. It’s all about the money. They’ve forgotten who they are and they don’t care who they are hurting.
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Posted by massagesex  [ 14:11 ]
Former Porn Star Becca Brat Story

I am a former xxx actress. I got out of the business about two years ago, and totally out of the sex industry in January 2006. I grew up in a Christian home, but I never really felt accepted anywhere.

I started hanging out in the world, and got foryouporn my first serious boyfriend. I lost my virginity at the age of 18, and a few months later my boyfriend broke up with me. I was crushed. I went nuts... it was the beginning of the end. I started dancing when I was 18. I was dabbling here and there with drugs- coke, ecstasy, acid, etc. I met a XXX performer who was feature dancing at the club I worked at. She introduced me to her brother and we started dating. Within 2 weeks I packed up and moved to LA.

I was nervous about being on film at first... she also worked at a legal brothel in Nevada and told me I should try working there 1st... so at the age of 19, I became a prostitute. I worked there for about 9 months and then got into XXX. Over the next 4 years, I did somewhere around 200+ movies. I also escorted all over the country as a porn star escort. Yes, porn stars are prostitues too. I got further and further into drugs and the whole lifestyle. I had a string of boyfriends, each one worse than the last.

I have been hospitalized many times- from being physically abused by men, put into rehab at least 4 times, and even put into the LA County General Hospital by the police for a mandatory psychiatric hold. I became horribly addicted to heroin and crack. I left LA and went back to the brothel in Nevada. I had to escape my boyfriend and that lifestyle. I went to an outpatient rehab- did methadone for two days and then got on some pills the doctor said I would be on for months. I took them for a day and a half and then quit cold turkey. I spent another 9 months in hell at the brothel - I was in most ways a prisoner there. I escaped by leaving everything I owned there in January and going to Vegas. I spent a few months in Vegas, then finally came home in April.

I have obviously had angels doing overtime watching out for me the whole time. I O.D.ed at least 3 times, had tricks pull knives on me, have been beaten half to death- the only reason I am still here is God.
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